The Covid-19 pandemic has had and is still having an unprecedented impact on aviation and air travel. Many domestic and international routes have been suspended, some airports have been temporarily shut down, new conditions and limitations have been imposed on passengers traffic. As a result, flying is perceived by many as a more difficult and insecure task than it used to be.

Airport managing companies and airlines have been urged to dramatically cut their operating flights and onsite staff to face the abrupt decrease of travellers. This aspect, combined with the necessity to enforce (and frequently change) new sanitary protocols, has translated to a more problematic airport experience for many air travellers. In particular, it has become necessary to endure longer waits and follow unfamiliar procedures, such as exhibiting negative PCR testing results or being tested upon arrival from abroad. Additionally, airport lounges, bars and cafes at many locations have been closed or have limited their capacity to avoid crowdedness and possible sources of infection. Although some of these inconveniences will naturally disappear in time, it is also very likely that a quite high level of alertness will be maintained for several years to come, also by means of tools such as the newly introduced IATA Travel Pass.

Be it for personal leisure or business, saving time used to be the number one priority for most frequent travellers. As a result of the pandemic escalation, however, cleanliness and personal safety have become the most compelling needs. One wishes for travel to be as discreet and detached from other people as possible, though not merely for a matter of personal comfort, as it used to be earlier, but especially because of the risks associated to being too close to other people.

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, VIP / Meet & Greet services can prove particularly useful to air passengers for multiple reasons:

– airport greeters have the necessary knowledge to clearly explain what the necessary procedures involve and to assist accordingly. This prevents needless wandering, waiting and asking for information in the terminal areas;

– in absence of available lounges, greeters can indicate a suitable spot where passengers can await their scheduled departure time and punctually advise them when boarding starts;

– fast tracking for security and immigration is still being allowed at many airports. This allows the assisted passengers not only to save time, but also to minimize contacts with other people by avoiding long lines;

– at selected airports, passengers are quickly assisted at separate VIP areas with no queues at all, and are transferred from/to the aircraft with dedicated vehicles for their complete discretion and safety.

For every single client and request, Paradigm Meet & Greet is going the extra mile to make sure that the assistance is given up to the highest standards and in compliance with the current security regulations. In particular:

– whenever we receive a request for assistance, we duly verify its feasibility, applicable conditions and possible restrictions as airport protocols tend to change almost on a daily basis;

– we ensure that the assistants engaged in airport Meet & Greet services wear masks, use hand sanitizer, avoid unnecessary contact and, in general, comply with the latest COVID-19 safety measures. The same principle apply to the chauffeur services we arrange in addition to airport Meet & Greet services;

– we carefully and quickly check the availability of any extra service the guests may require, in order to provide them with the most comfortable assistance.

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